Informazioni Negozio / Shipping


Usually your order will be prepared and shipped within 1 days of receipt. If you are sending the order you have specified a date and asked to wait for some items that may be missing , wait until expiration date to ensure greater availability of requested items. After that time the order will be processed. For the purpose of calculating the date of delivery will need to consider also the time that the courier needs , which can vary depending on many factors some we do not control.

It's important during order entry, please specify a valid e- mail address, as you will be informed immediately of the availability of requested items, and also will allow us to inform you of your order status and date of fulfillment of the same. We also recommend that you always specify at least a reference phone (fixed or mobile), because if the carrier is unable to make delivery will be contacted by agreeing a new delivery according to your needs.

In addition to details about the product, will also provide information on its availability. These are not binding and do not guarantee a specific delivery date in advance but provide an indicative date of arrival of the goods.

Dispatch Status

The goods will be sent from our warehouse at the headquarters of Udine and then the distribution is entrusted to the carrier.

You can always, at any time, contact our customer service +39 0432-686760 to know the status of the shipment.